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Paper Document Destruction service. Information security is vital to any organizations. A huge number of documents are required to be fully destroyed during their operation due to confidential requirements.


The popular methods to destroy paper documents include using paper shredder, burning or selling to waste paper collectors. All of them are inconvenient in different ways:

- Paper shredder: limited capacity, noisy, producing dusts (of ink, paper fiber),   weak information security as recoverable. Destruction of paper in high volume is impossible as very electricity and time consuming.

- Burning: Environment polluted,  fire threatening and impossible for offices in office building

- Selling to waste paper collectors: No information security.

So what should be the solution for document destruction in huge quantity that requires confidentiality? Our destruction service provides a perfect solution which is unique in Vietnam. 

-         Destruction of paper records archived several years in 15 to 30 minutes

-         Full confidentiality as destructed records can not be recovered or copied

-         Separated destruction area with 24/7 security

-         No environment pollution

-         Low cost and no time consuming

-         Professional services

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